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Hi y'all! My name is STACEY MARIE KEBA, and I am a bi-coastal film and television actor servicing the New York and Los Angeles markets.

ACTING WISH LIST: I am most interested in securing teenage tv drama roles with forbidden, mysterious, and fantastical elements to them. THINK: Shadowhunters, Hemlock Grove, Pretty Little Liars. I don't necessarily need romance, but f*ck if I'm going to deny a good one - one that leaves me sobbing (like the tragic end to Maia and Kyle Jordan's relationship) throbbing (Aria getting it on in the pub bathroom with Mr. Fitz). 

Throw me a young woman on her journey to become more self-assured. A young woman who is becoming less and less afraid of eye contact. A young woman who doesn't understand the term "coy" but plays "coy" damn well. 


Let us flirt. And let that flirting be a goddamn victory for us. One where we fucking nail it with gusto before running into the nearest bathroom so we can squeal, have a victory dance, and try to compose our shit eating grin. 


Give me Betty Cooper who needs Veronica to stand up for her at cheerleading try outs with a dash of Naomi Lapaglia doing absolutely nothing to lure an all too eager Jordan up to her apartment for some tea. Give me the recklessness of Vikki Donovan, the insecurities of Caroline Forbes, and just a pinch of the boss ass bitch nature of Katherine Pierce.

Let us figure out the complexities of growing up while leaning in to what scares us. To what scares me.






Currently learning:

a southern accent & roller skating tricks!

What's on my bucket list? hmmm

1. to race a Nascar

2. to train at the international stunt school 

yes,  please 

+ black coffee, federal donuts, & dunkaroos

+ continental midtown & the trestle inn

+ hendricks' martinis & gin n tonics

+ drunken brooklyn pizza from Bacco Bistro

+ pole dancing to anything by Highly Suspect

+ recurve bow archery

+ silk dresses & black currant candles

+ Margot Kidder & River Phoenix

+ silly jokes, pulling pranks, & laughing so hard that it's impossible for me not to snort

+ strawberry & blueberry frosted poptarts

+ secretly, country music. in the car. with the sunroof open. and all the windows down

sitting still -

sleeping in past 5am -

being coddled -

anything with vinegar in it (including ketchup!) -

sunday scaries -

not taking chances -

leaving opportunities on the table -

sleeping without my eye mask -

odd numbers -

frowning -

circus clowns -

no, thanks

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