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Actress, writer, and producer, Stacey Marie Keba is driven to bring her girl next door with a mysterious edge spirit to every role she takes on.

She is excited to have her first comedic supporting role next to Chloé Jouannet , Louise Coldefy, and Pascale Arbillot in Noémie Lefort's "Mon Héroïne" (Universal Pictures International) in theaters in 2022. Keba is also attached to "Metronome," where she plays Marni, a cocaine loving waitress who works at Philadelphia's famed Zanzibar Blue jazz club in the 1990s.

It's vital for her to do this work because movies, television, and the craft of acting has provided her with hope, joy, and a safe outlet to express her emotions-three things that she didn't have a lot of as a kid.

Keba had a lot to overcome growing up in a trailer park ridden with drug and gun violence along with child predators, having to be a caretaker for her mom from the age of five until her death when she was 18, her dad declaring bankruptcy even after all the years of working overtime night shifts at the factory, and being the victim of sexual assault in college that resulted in PTSD and not being able to graduate.

Leading with her values of bravery, empathy and authenticity, Keba hopes that by bringing her experience into the roles she accepts, she can be an inspiration for young women to feel safe, seen, heard, and understood.

In addition to her acting roles, Keba started June 5th Productions, under which she is creating and starring in her own sitcom, "Girl Who Pins," because we all need a good belly laugh!

Written by Diane Foy PR

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