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as KATE in Noémie Lefort's "Mon Héroïne"
Mon Heroine Poster.JPG

From an early age, Alex (Chloé Jouannet) has only dreamed of one thing: making films. But in Rouen, her daily life is far from Hollywood glamour. Overprotected by her mother Mathilde (Pascale Arbillot), she hopes to enter a prestigious film school in New York. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned and her dreams are brutally shattered. Refusing to accept her fate, Alex decides to leave for the Big Apple with the help of her eccentric Aunt Juliette (Louise Coldefy) for a crazy project: to give her screenplay to Julia Roberts. Quickly joined by Mathilde, this New York adventure will mark the beginning of a new stage in their lives for the three women and bring them closer than ever.

Shoelace Productions according to KATE

In the film, Kate is a huge NYC fashionista and believes her workplace, Shoelace Productions, is her fashion runway. Even though some may see her as "just the receptionist," Kate has another idea in mind. Her reception desk is the perfect designer perch for watching dirt go down and gossiping all about it. She's got huge Devil Wears Prada vibes going on, and she isn't afraid to flip her opinion of you on a dime...if it will help make her look good in front of her boss...or her boss' boss, Julia Roberts

And by the way, if Julia can pop into the office, what's stopping Anna Wintour?

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